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Below are some of the great testimonials we've received at Oasis Pumps.
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Hi All,

I just wanted to send you a photo of my installed Oasis well pump.

We bought the pump at Lehman's while visiting friends & family in Ohio this year.

We live in FL. and wanted a well for our garden.

The well point is down about 26 feet and the foot valve is at 22 feet. Once all the plumbing was worked out, we primed everything and the Oasis pump has performed GREAT ever since! I can walk out any time of day and get a good supply of water with each throw of the handle.

I've attached a photo, but painted the whole assembly to protect it from UV rays. All that's left is the clean-up.

Keep up the good work,

Chris H.



Dear Tim,

I bought your pitcher pump, and it has been a real workhorse. I owe you
some pictures of it hooked up. Once I had all the PVC cemented in place, it
darn near needed no priming, it just pulled air a few times then water. It
is good in this day and age when something works like it is supposed to.

I had a problem with the pump shaking the pvc casing. You had a quick and
ez fix - pound a support stake in the ground, and use clamps. I used duct
tape :-)

I had another problem. After a while capacity dropped - I was down to about
4 oz per stroke, and the pump was grinding loudly.

Again - you had a quick and ez fix. Since she is till new, I could either
wait for it to go away, open her up and clean her out and look around, or
shoot some Pam down her discharge outlet.

I decide on the latter. Since I did not have any Pam I used olive oil.
IMMEDIATELY she quieted down completely, and capacity went from 3 strokes
per 12oz glass to two strokes. That's some DAMN FINE results in any book.
Since my well is shallow, I was concerned that the heavy silt was choking it
off. Your fix belayed that concern as well.

In the future I may have to blow my well out. I can see where this pump may
very well be able to pressurize and force water down the well, feeding off 5
gallon buckets. There are very, very few pumps I could even attempt to do
that with.

Great piece of gear!

Thank you,

Bob Hart



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